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It's official: Kris Jenner is awarded again!

kris jenner dating corey gamble official

It now looks very well really look as was her ex Bruce, a forgotten and for all! For quite some time you already rumored Kris Jenner would not just sad turn after their separation fiddling, but studious data and indeed a dapper man named Corey Gamble.

It now officially more to have become: The female head of the Kardashian clan is no more single!

This at least now wants an insider, according to E! Have blabbed online, with everything and would be quite delicate rosy in the initial stage:
What started as friendship, has become something romantic, it's all very new.
Quite obviously, Kris has it gotten a really fantastic new partner, the source told Corey:
He's a really great guy, he is such a nice and responsible man, he does not drink or celebrating wild He cares about others and is... all in all a good guy. 
Wow, that sounds truly after a great catch!

It's official: Kris Jenner is awarded again!