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Jan Rudkovskaya sues Timati

Jan Rudkovskaya sues Timati

Russian rapper Timati again was the instigator of the scandal. This time the opponent stars oddly enough, was not Philip Bedrosovich and Dima Bilan. In his microblog Timati said that the singer suffers from addiction.

Suspicions depending Bilan of narcotic drugs appeared to Timati after he saw Dima appeal to his fans. In instagrame performer hit "On the shore of the sky," wrote that the concert in Nijni Novgorod it was not easy, and most likely he will need treatment.

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On such a statement the singer immediately rushed to answer Timati only did he not directly, but through a producer Bilan Jan Rudkovskaya:
"Yanochka, you most not ashamed of his artist? The fact that he "RWD" (slang word, which is called gay - Ed.) That's half the trouble, and basically all of his personal business. But what he did not hesitate to go out on stage, nosed into the trash to the young audience at the evening concerts, which is full of kids in the hall, in my opinion, disgusting! "
Timati offered to help Dima Bilan material and place it into a rehabilitation center:
"If you suddenly have a problem with money, I can help identify any Dima, the best rehabilitation center of the country."
Moreover, the rapper posted a video from the concert Bilan in Nijni Novgorod, which allegedly proves that Dima used drugs before going on stage.

Such accusations seem to have touched and Bilan and his producer. Soon performer rebuffed offender and called rowdy mentally unstable man who PR for others.

And Jan Rudkovskaya intends to defend their rights in court and wants Timati to answer for his offense before the law. "Well, that is, in our Criminal libel" - said the producer. Ian believes that after a medical examination found out the truth, and no one would dare accuse the artist in addiction.