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Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Martin: Are they still a couple?

Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Martin: Are they still a couple?

New rumors come to

Next week is in the London premiere of the new movie The Hunger Games - Mockingjay: Part first. Actress Jennifer Lawrence should not be missed of course. As it is now called, is said to Chris Martin be of the party, while it was only just the couple had separated again after a mere four-month relationship.

Chris accompany his Jen at the premiere, the red carpet but he will definitely avoid. A source has something to say:
"You have buried most of the time with Chris at home and there were rumors that she at one of Jens favorite places, the Chateau Marmont were, earlier this week."
But it seems that impose quite the rumors of the actress, so it goes on:
 "Jennifer has hardly talked about it, she was unusually quiet regarding the whole thing."

Seems as if it would be the relationship of the two but not as bad as expected. And one is probably obvious: From the annoying Munkeleien a relationship from Jen does not want to spoil the promotional tour for her new flick the Hunger Games series for sure.