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Body was found! Katerina Netolická (26) is dead

Katerina Netolická is dead

Czech died Model

Just recently made the sad news of the death of the MTV stars Diem Brown the round, now there is the next shocking death report of a woman who died far too early to report. The Czech model Katerina Netolická was found with just 26 years dead in her apartment.

According to international media reports, the corpse has been discovered by her brother the lovely Katerina, who has modelled for Prada and L ' Oréal. After she did not respond to the calls of her brother, turned this increasingly worried about his sister and eventually went to her apartment, where she lived with her boyfriend, the ice hockey player Jakub Petruzalek. There, he had to make a terrible discovery when he broke in the door: Katerina lay dead in her bathtub, their two dogs were found also lifeless.

Is still far from clear what the model died, an autopsy to clarify the cause of death but. Also can be so far still not exactly said, how long Katerina is already dead, as was her boyfriend from abroad and Katerina died alone. Czech media already speculate that the water heater in the bathroom was broken and missed a fatal electric shock to the model, further details will clarify but the coroner.

Czech died Model