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Magic? New Mama Oksana tells her figure-secret

It is only a few weeks since Oksana Kolenitchenko has brought her young son Milan on the world. And shortly after birth surprised the pretty blonde with a stunning after-baby body. But as she has only managed their baby weight so quickly get rid of?

In an interview with celebrity Flash Oksana speaks frankly about the time after birth and how they lost their pounds. "It's all gone like magic," she quips quite jokingly around. Well, probably believes in magic nowadays no more, but as it stands, is behind their dream figure really no great secret diet. "I believe good nutrition, I sweated a lot, lost a lot of water and then it was also somehow everything back in its place," Oksana told openly.

She confesses that she would not exercise and they also have no desire to seek scare of a personal trainer.