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Mandy Capristo: First words after separation!

The past few weeks should really not have been easy for Mandy Capristo. After it was revealed that her boyfriend Mesut Özil it is said to have cheated, the beautiful singer drew a definitive line and ended the relationship with the footballer. Comment on the messages they wanted to date but does not and instead they demonstrated on their social networks with Photo Posts strength. But now she breaks her silence and speaks at least to all their supporters.

"I am pleased to hear all the lovely comments and messages from you in the last few weeks, because they really mean a lot to me. Thank you" are the words that Mandy now posted on their Facebook profile. They are accompanied by a black and white shot, on the Mandy shows cross-legged, with closed eyes and a tender smile. In addition adorn the image many comments like "Never stop smiling" and "Forget the past, live your life. You have everything you need. What you still want, you can find."

This action Mandy wants to show her fans that she has their support very well recorded and thus to some extent through the hard times to help her.

mesut oezil and mandy capristo