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Miss Honduras (✝19): shot out of jealousy?

Miss Honduras shot out of jealousy?

Although Honduras is one of the countries with the highest crime rate, probably all had still hoped that the search for the missing Miss Honduras Maria Jose Alvarado would turn out well. But now came the shocking news: The bodies of Mary and her sister Sophia, who disappeared with her, have now been found. The friend of Sophia is under strong suspicion.

Since last Saturday, the police were looking for the two sisters, who disappeared after a birthday celebration. Since the night of Thursday to Friday, they were not seen, probably the 19-year-old Maria and the 23-year-old Sophia were also shot that night. This report MailOnline, referring to the Superintendent General Ramon Sabillon. In addition to the friend of Sophia, Plutarco Antonio Ruiz, also an alleged accomplice was arrested. Meanwhile, the two's murder have been as good as confessed. They said they had the bodies deposited on the river, so that they decay faster.

Presumably Ruiz had fired jealous of his girlfriend. You've been dancing at the party with another man. In the subsequent dispute the couple probably was added Mary. You had to watch as her sister was killed. When she tried to flee, Ruiz shot to them.

Even the disappearance of two women caused great consternation in Honduras. There were even demonstrations for the release of Mary and Sophia, because it was assumed that the two had been kidnapped. Nowhere else can so many people be murdered as in the home of Miss Honduras around Santa Barbara and San Pedro Sula. This murder out of jealousy two further unnecessary sacrifices were added. Whether at the Miss World contest on 14 December in London, where Maria had represented her country will commemorate the two deceased, is not yet known.

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