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Mit 'Blank Space' on stage. AMAs 2014: Taylor Swift Releases New Single

Mit "Blank Space" on stage. AMAs 2014: Taylor Swift Releases New Single

With their latest album "1989" is currently unassailable on the way to a new record in the history of music: Taylor Swift just tops them all when it comes to sales figures.

And it should actually still a pass at her fans, the board could not yet listen to full length to to wait at the ceremony of this year's American Music Awards a real highlight: Taylor is there, namely, their latest single "Blank Space" imagine!

How launches including The Wrap, the former Country Princess and current pop queen is added so join the long line of previously announced acts. So one must now not only stars like Lorde, Sam Smith or Charli XCX happy, but also putting Taylor!

As for the awards this evening, however, is another the hottest contender: Iggy Azalea is, among other things as a potential "Artist of the Year" in the race, it also could have the "Single of the Year" launched , Less pleasing perhaps for Taylor, since they will still cherish a certain antipathy to this colleague: Even Katy Perry has been nominated for at least five of the trophies that will be awarded on November 23 in Los Angeles.