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Natural Beauty: Sylvie Meis very unflattering!

Natural Beauty: Sylvie Meis very unflattering!

Wow! Even without makeup looks Sylvie Meis is simply stunning. From the mask of a photo shoot for the brand Hunkemöller the 36-year-old posted a "topless" picture and so enthusiastic fans. Over 3000 Likes Sylvie reaped a.

Usually we know the beautiful presenter with makeup, mascara, eye shadow and lipstick. But actually, Sylvie has not needed. In the morning coat and completely "naked" in the face of the host not only looks young, but extremely charming. The course look Sylvie is really very good. Already a few days ago, the presenter showed no make-up in the mask, the current image reveals Sylvie naturalness but even a bit more.

Also Guillaume Zarka, Sylvie's alleged ex-affair, once said in relation to the Closer: "I've always told her that I find most beautiful without makeup. She is really the most beautiful woman in the world when she wears none."

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