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New hairstyle Robert Pattinson ... will not leave you indifferent

New hairstyle Robert Pattinson

After the release of the big screen "Twilight" Robert Pattinson hairstyle Briton has become incredibly popular. Many representatives of the strong half of mankind tried on his head to recreate the hairstyle of Edward Cullen, the actor but quickly tired of this kind of attention to your hair, and does sostrig entire length.

Over time, the hair industry and Robert have the opportunity again to experiment with way, but no one could not assume that everything will go so far.

His new image thrice winner of the title "the sexiest man of the world," in line with the magazine Glamour incontestable  seventh annual ceremony statuettes of GQ.

full face hairstyle looks quite decent.

Of course, not hair teeth - regrowing. But looking at it, I want to say, "Hurry to!"

New hairstyle Robert Pattinson

New hairstyle Robert Pattinson