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'Nice differently': So Angelina Jolie takes her marriage

brad pitt and angelina jolie private life

Venture into Hollywood two megastars to the altar, the fans are keen to find out as much about the world's fresh love luck. While many a celebrity also like to publicly gets into raptures, there are celebrities who prefer ausschweigen about her private life. This includes probably Angelina Jolie, because now was very brief and concise words about her marital happiness with Brad Pitt.

From Vanity Fair, the actress graces the cover in December, it was of course addressed to her marriage and the associated changes in their lives. Instead of looking through rose-colored glasses and to praise her husband and marriage in the highest tones, Angelina summed up rather short.
 "It now feels different. It feels good to be man and wife", so the more sober statement of the film Diva.
But that should mean in their case not mean that she is not happy with her Brad, because they love each other, the two have finally proved often enough.

"Nice differently": So Angelina Jolie takes her marriage