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No joke: Jennifer Lawrence sings in the charts!

The third part of the Hunger Games series attracts viewers since its release a few days ago in droves to the projection rooms, all true fans want to see on the big screen, what happens next in this negative utopia called Panem. Actress Jennifer Lawrence experienced while working on the Drehset a true horror moment: you had to sing - which the acclaimed actress in his own words can not stand.

But true to the motto "You are always best when it really does not matter to you," she has it with her vocal performance in "Mockingjay - Part 1" even made it into the charts in the UK

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How The Hollywood Reporter, you would have officially found the company that created the rankings in the UK.

"The Hanging Tree" is the piece that Jennifer sings in the strip and which is also included on the soundtrack. After all, in the top 30, it has already made it so, currently it takes place 29 a.

That Jennifer is supposed to be not very good, to expend the music, her singing seems pretty good to arrive - it's not for nothing that the Mockingjay!

You do not surprising that Jennifer is simply successful everywhere?