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Proud price per night | Royals to rent? Kate & William cost $ 1 million!

For Duchess Kate and her husband Prince William, it belongs to the most important tasks, to represent the Royal family in public and to participate in important dates and events. But for free you can look the Royals not at events. Because apparently can you the popular British "rent" to his event with a little noble seasoning spice up but at a proud price!

It reported at least the daily mail wants experienced by a deal the NBA basketball bosses. For the upcoming United States trip of the Royal couple had been negotiated namely, that William and Kate in New York a game of the Cleveland Cavaliers against the Brooklyn Mets are to look at. In return, those responsible have donated the princely sum of $1 million to the charity organization of the Royals. From the visit of the Prince and his wife, the organizers promise a huge marketing hammer. Finally the pictures of the clash of NBA stars such as LeBron James will William and Kate around the world go and lots of headlines.

"This is an incredible public relations coup for the NBA. The whole world will see these pictures - the dream for every marketing agents. A million dollars is a bargain price for the attention that they get real"an insider revealed. But unlike most celebrities will take William and the pregnant Kate not directly on the playing field edge square to cheer on the athletes, but enjoy the match in a private area: "I don't think that the idea would appeal to someone, that Kate is sitting in the front row and a huge basketball players in her hineincrasht! Especially in their State..."

But certainly, there will be photos of sporting events by William and Kate. Otherwise, the million would be invested but not so cleverly, as suspected by the creative minds behind the deal.