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Really now! This 'Hulk' is Jennifer Lawrence

Really now! This "Hulk" is Jennifer Lawrence

Looking at the Hunger Games films, they really seem to have nothing to fear: Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence has not only already surrounded thanks to her role as Katniss Everdeen with a touch of Militant, enchants and enchanted both with her flawless appearance. However, not only on the screen, but also privately she has a steely side: In New York, namely the thespian has now been spotted leaving a gym - and presented a biceps, the Hulk and Popeye alike would be proud!

Oh yes, here someone has completed his dumbbell exercises exemplary. As a photographer caught the actress after a work-out in the "Soul Cycle," Jennifer Lawrence was once very proud of their muscles here! Madness, a guy had his fist can probably stretch barely powerful to heaven! And this view: determination, stubbornness, you want to see, despite the fact everything is reflected in this grim expression resist nearly a trace. And, although the sunglasses covered his eyes, probably glowed fiery. Tender and vulnerable? Jennifer Lawrence sly in his arms!

This "Hulk" is Jennifer Lawrence

This is Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence