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Repeat offenders in 'Serena': Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper cuddle again

Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley

She has just split up with Chris Martin, but may cuddle Jennifer Lawrence still - with Bradley Cooper. Concerns about the relationship between the Hollywood heartthrob and model Suki Waterhouse you still have to make any, because the liaison between Bradley and Jen continues to play only on the canvas from. Less crackle therefore not far from doing. Of these, now you can convince her film "Serena" in the new trailer.

Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley in new movie "Serena"

For the third time were the two actors together in front of the camera and prove once again that the chemistry between them is just right. Strong emotions, heartache - even without the dramatic sounds of the musical accompaniment promise Jen and Bradley with their languishing glances a whole range of emotions. Similarly as in "Silver Linings" they play again a couple whose luck seems to be threatened by tragic circumstances.

Who now like to profound Entertainment has here can ever the new trailer for "Serena" look