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Right round! Shakira belly looks to burst

Shakira belly looks to burst

It is truly a very pregnant singer: Shakira expecting her second son and already said in an interview that she would feel more like, as were two babies on the way. Oh, Yes, a little to create, you make the other circumstances of this time obviously - and obvious is alike, her stomach has become how big!

But this does not come from about, after all, the birth of their child has already sorely in the vicinity and in only a few weeks, it will be so far. Last presented itself as the singer showed anyway, letting it slowly really more comfortable going to the B├╝hnenperformerin: the casual hoodie and sweatpants she arrived in Milan, disguised with a CAP and a relaxed impression she made her huge belly. No wonder at the size of their ball is put more on styling stress at present probably not worth...