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Rihanna has announced a new fragrance Rogue Love

Rihanna has announced a new fragrance Rogue Love

Rihanna this weekend pleased fans doubly: first, the star returned to Instagram after long silence in six months, and secondly, announced the release of another new items perfume.

Fragrance for women called Rogue Love will follow the female Rogue, which the singer unveiled a year ago, and the male Rogue Man - his presentation was just a couple of weeks ago.

Exact time until the premieres of Pu points, but promises that the new product will be released "very soon", and published in the first photo of the social network advertising campaign.

As for Instagram, there is nothing the singer has not published since May, so her fans were so happy when the other day a celebrity again started to post their Photo (among them, of course, spectacular footage hellouinskogo output in the form of stars Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).

Rumor has it that at the time of leaving the social network Rihanna prompted policy Instagram: candid photos of her not once fell under the ban, that lover of self and decided to declare the protest.

However, the management of the social network says that the account Rea was blocked in error, and she could not comment on its relationship with Instagram.

One of the first photo in Instagram Rihanna after her return