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Robert de Niro and Jennifer Lawrence once again withdraw together

Robert de Niro and Jennifer Lawrence soon again will be a set-the actor has officially confirmed its participation in the new project director David o. Russell ("My boyfriend - Psycho," "American Hustle" ).

The bio of David o. Russell, tentatively called "Joy" would be the story of an American housewife Joy Mangano, became one of the most successful business women United States thanks to the invention of the "wonder-MOP". Device for cleaning the Miracle Mop proved to be very convenient to use, becoming a sales hit in the telemagazinah United States.

Robert de Niro plays father Joy Mangano, while starring in the picture will be performed by Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence. According to insiders, at the moment of Russell is negotiating with Bradley Cooper, who may also take part in the work on the project.

Previously, Lawrence and De Niro starred in films together O.Rassela "My boyfriend - crazy" and "American Hustle". Creative Alliance actor and director has been very successful - this is evidenced by the numerous nominations and awards, Robert De Niro and Jennifer Lawrence