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Sad confession: Sharon Osbourne is depressed

Sharon Osbourne is depressed

Sharon Osbourne is likely to be a real power woman for the majority of their fans. Finally, it is not only itself successfully, but has also mastered various problems in their family playing. But now they just made a sad confession: For over 16 years, Sharon is now struggling even for severe depression!

This revealed the TV Talkerin in her own show on CBS and gave the other guests so that a proper shock. Because so far, no one knew that Sharon is suffering from serious mental health problems for years and takes medication to manage their everyday lives. The reason for their silence they stated that no one had asked for it - so they did not have to talk about it. "Some days are better than others, and sometimes you just what to pull the covers over your head, stay all day in bed and do nothing," said Sharon.

Some scenes from Sharon's past may thus, perhaps, be explained repaired, but currently she has her depression under control and manages to enjoy life.