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Schlag den Raab: candidate gets 2.5 million!

So simple was the matter of winning for Stefan Raab not today. In Schlag den Raab he had with candidate Peter a really worthy opponent and at least it was for this also to all 2.5 million euros. Until after two clock viewers saw an absolute head-to-head race.

In our voting, many readers were convinced that Peter has no bad cards to defeat the "Raabinator". And indeed, whether skill or sport games or even the obligatory "Shame or Cash" offered Peter Stefan forehead. Therefore, in the very last game "Ringing the Bull" so had to drop the decision. But this was a long time coming: Never before has the show took so long! After even Steven Gätjen and Elton with boarded and no one has managed to maneuver the ring over the hook, was instead played "bouncy balls". And here, the decision was finally Peter met and won the 2.5 million euros!

The next time was a candidate on December 20 the opportunity yet to earn a tidy sum of € 500,000 Christmas bonus.

Schlag den Raab