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She needs 'True Tori' | Even without Dean: Tori Spelling will continue to turn!

She needs 'True Tori' | Even without Dean: Tori Spelling will continue to turn!

Hardly a Hollywood starlet is as show-off like Tori Spelling. Even in the current second season of her reality show "True Tori" it shows again en detail what it represents, her life, her family and the related crises.

But after this season, Tori is forced to continue alone show what the celebrity psyche hergibt so, because her husband Dean McDermott has enough of a public private life. Does this mean the end for the show?

Tori spelling and dean mcdermott

To better deal with his depression and his alcohol and drug addiction, Dean McDermott pulled the ripcord and recently announced that he get off after two seasons that were anything but cozy for him on "True Tori".

 Now Tori told Meredith Vieira in the show, but that they do not think about the dream, so einzustampfen the whole reality documentary:
For me it's 'True Tori' And I have to tell a lot more. I have four children, am a mother and a woman - I want to go!
 They argued that they did with the format found a way to make himself:
It is totally characteristic of me and very individual I know everyone has their own opinion on it that I make my life and my relationship publicly There is.. something that I needed. I had so long no voice.
Tori spelling

The planned third season will therefore have to make do without a father Dean, but Tori will continue to present themselves and their children in "True Tori" the audience.