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Show-flop? Britney Spears fills no more halls

Bad news for Britney Spears! The success spoiled superstar must soon likely to play before half empty halls. Their live show in Las Vegas was now apparently victims of the merciless law of supply and demand...

Just recently joined the singer from a 30-million-dollar contract that will extend their spectacular show "Piece of Me" by 2017. But as Radar Online reports, the Brit could contract extension may soon regret. Because after the show initially ran very successful after its launch in 2013, advised the online ticket sales lately stalled. Therefore, the energy of the audience for Britney is now no longer the way they want it.

The organizers are now using special advertising campaigns every effort to fill the halls back to the last seat. But the declining audience tide goes out, according to an insider, not to the account of megastars:
"It is a question of exclusivity. When everyone thought they must see now or never, the hall was full to the brim. But now it is a long-time show, therefore, the situation seems to have changed."

Britney need the $ 475,000 she gets per night, not, but she wanted to hold out for her crew and all employees by 2017. Currently allegedly working all stakeholders to find a solution to the plight.