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Sila Sahin Return: What will become of Nadine Menz?

Sila Sahin Return: What will become of Nadine Menz

Should really be something to the rumors about a possible return Sila Sahin GZSZ, and the actress really decides after the alleged ongoing negotiations to return around the popular Berlin Kiez in the series that would have for her successor Nadine Menz may not have positive consequences.
While there is always some soaps ways to make characters come back - even lost twin siblings are so many times already resurfaced. But since Silas role of Ayla Höfer has now once again occupied, such a variant could prove in this case as truly not easy. What would Sila Sahin a comeback so mean to her successor? Claimed was even, Nadine could not score points with the fans. However, opposite Celebrity Flash was RTL announced the following: "She plays her role very well, we are very happy with it.." After being thrown, the really listening now not to.

You would still return to you about Silas "For Better or Worse" happy?

Sila Sahin GZSZ