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Wet happy! So Snooki celebrates her bridal party

So Snooki celebrates her bridal party

That Snooki and Jennifer "JWoww" Farley celebrate champions in the wet fun parties are shore, you know since the broadcast of Jersey. Since the celebration-addicted girls but the mother-for to be discovered have, they have turned down a few gears in terms of parties and alcohol. Only on special occasions, the two let it RIP again: like for example this weekend on the occasion of Snookis bachelorette party.

On the flight from Los Angeles to Miami Jionni LaValle and Snooki have already well let yourself go there and sipped it the one or other drink. Snooki posted a snapshot of aircraft on Instagram and wrote including:
"and it begins... After landing we no longer know each other. #Bachelorwochenende.
Arrived in Miami plunked down the super slim Snooki in a black Maxi skirt, wore a T-Shirt with the inscription "Wifey" and had a white bridal veil on the head. JWoww also could not be missing at the celebrations and appeared in a T-shirt with the inscription "Team Bachelorette". Judging from the photos, the party crew in good weather and many margaritas had lots of fun.

Snooki celebrates her bridal party

Snooki celebrates her bridal party