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At the American Music Awards | Sorry! How much suffering Selena Gomez for JB?

Sorry! How much suffering Selena Gomez for JB?

Not that would not be well known that the relationship between Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber seems to be obviously difficult and complicated.

But how much Latina is suffering under the current separation, may surprise one or two maybe. At this year American Music Awards in Los Angeles in any event, the musician did the celebrities present and the viewers to their screens to tears: She gave her single "The Heart Wants What It Wants" to the best - and apparently she was also thinking very much of their own heartache ...

Because if someone shows up so taken by his own text, it could then be just pure performance? The reactions in the network were certainly no less emotional than Selena's appearance, this thanked via Twitter even her fans for their concern.

But this remains a matter exist nonetheless: Selena sings in the track really only assume that they would like to have her back Bieber? And has the repellent nature even more contributed to the beautiful singer has clearly struggling with her feelings?

Maybe Selena makes out and about this chaos in their hearts a virtue: Adele Adkins or Taylor Swift have already demonstrated impressively how to translate into real heartbreak song beads.

Selena Gomez AMAs

Selena Gomez AMAs

Selena Gomez AMAs