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Superdad: Ashton Kutcher practiced with Demis daughters

Ashton Kutcher practiced with Demis daughters

Hollywood newest Papa called Ashton Kutcher. And while Mila Kunis is currently probably recovering from the rigors of childbirth, it could be Ashton not take to satisfy the curiosity of his fans a little and finally reveal the first details on the new family happiness. Quite as unknown to him his new role but is not, after all, he already had three stepchildren.

From 2003 to 2011 Ashton Kutcher had a relationship with Demi Moore, 2005 they married. From her marriage to Bruce Willis took her three daughters - Rumer, Scout and Tallulah - into the marriage. And for the Ashton was a dedicated stepfather.

As he now told in the TV show The Talk, have prepared him exactly these experiences to his little daughter Wyatt:
 "I was already a parent of teenage daughters and have experiences with girls aged seven to 25." 
Nevertheless, he admits:
 "But babies are a whole new thing." 
He and Mila had read a lot about parenting and träfen all decisions together. And if they do not know what to do, the two new parents have a very simple recipe, as Ashton reveals with a laugh:
 "Everyone says if you get a child, no manual is included, but that is not somehow true because you can google anything and. find it. "

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