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Taylor Swift on the cover of the latest issue Wonderland

Taylor Swift became the heroine of the December edition of Wonderland Magazine, telling the newspaper about his new album "1989", the dark side of social networking and desire for solitude.

On the pages of the magazine Taylor tried on three retro image, inspired by key fashion trends of the past century. It is worth noting that the shots for Wonderland singer, known for his love of scarlet lipstick, learn virtually impossible-for light skin generously applied sunless Tan, Taylor and shape your eyebrows Swift distinctly recalls the famous eyebrows Cara Delevingne.

 Taylor tried on three retro image, inspired by key fashion trends of the past century

Speaking about his personal life, Swift reported that at the moment with no one there, and you don't feel miserable:

I've had one that now not prepared to just abandon its independence. Honestly, the chance that you may be able to meet in person, you'll be very happy, is very small. As a teenager I was fascinated by the idea of romantic relationships.

During the interview, Taylor criticized social networks, arguing that the Internet allows people to offend each other while maintaining their anonymity:

From Twitter and Instagram has a dark side. Someone could be a bad day at work, he would come home and write online about how ugly a person. If people don't have anyone to talk to about their problems, they will throw out your hate anonymously in someone else's address. Any man can insult on the Internet, not just celebrities.

According to swift, the pop sound of her new album was the natural result of the evolution of the musical preferences of the singer:

The new album was recorded in the last stage of my experiments with sound. I worked with pop motifs for several years, and they're all more I like.

Taylor Swift for Wonderland

Taylor Swift for Wonderland