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Taylor Swift: 'to the fullest. Music should not be free'

Recently the singer Taylor Swift has refused to lay out his new album "1989" on the popular strimingovyh service Spotify. According Swift, music albums should be purchased and not be in the public domain in the internet.

Noteworthy that the use of the service Spotify is not free: service user pays a monthly subscription ($ 10), and then gets access to entire music catalog Spotify, while the service lists the artists and record companies about seventy percent of the revenue.

Obviously, such a scenario does not suit Swift. Taylor noted that Spotify can not compensate for the efforts of the artists spent on making music:

I understand that the music industry is now time innovations and experiments, but I do not want to experiment on their creativity. Spotify can not wage songwriters, musicians and artists to the fullest. Music should not be free.

Taylor added that a similar distribution of music can be compared to vandalism:

Imagine that you have written a picture, it is hanging in a museum, and someone will come to this museum and tear off a piece of canvas. And it's nothing for it will not be.

Should be noted that a similar attitude to Taylor Swift strimingovyh services has caused a mixed reaction among fans of the singer. Many noted that Taylor has to earn good money on the sales of his new album, but because of her decision characterizes the Artist as a very greedy person.

Album Taylor Swift's "1989" has broken all records of sales records for the past 12 years. During the first week of sales were sold over one million 287 thousand copies. Last time this success has made the rapper Eminem from the album "The Eminem Show".

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