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The Blue-blooded sees red | Because Kate: Prince William has really bad mood

Because Kate: Prince William has really bad mood

After long weeks of pregnancy nausea, it seems again to be better Duchess Kate. She has already resumed the first Royal duties. But the joy was about premature? Supposedly the expectant mother for one reason the public has returned: to appease her husband Prince William. He supposed that really bad mood.

In the past few weeks had William not only all appointments without the support of his wife, but also attend those events, to which Kate actually even alone should - have double unpleasant duties for the second heir to the throne so. In addition also still stands in the stars, how many of the upcoming dates can perceive the Duchess at all. And it's apparently really William against the grain. Especially the fact that Kate had to pass on a trip to Malta in September to him, was pushed on him evil. "William was actually attending the wedding of his friend Charlie Gilke in Italy this weekend", revealed an insider to daily mail. Therefore he spent well most of the time of the trip with bad temper. Kate wants again slowly calm him down, gradually returns to the public.

Poor William! One can only hope that the dark clouds quickly forgiven and once again prevails over the anticipation of the second baby.

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