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The first candidates for Jungle Camp: Show starts in January

The first candidates for Jungle Camp: Show starts in January

There are real bangers news: The first candidates for the jungle camp should be penetrated to the public. In January, the popular show starts with the Ekelprüfungen for the ninth time, but now the rumor is about the celebrities who venture into the Australian jungle, los.

As the image to have learned to draw well among others Angelina Heger, Tanja Tischewitsch and Linde street-Star Rebecca Siemoneit-Barum a camp. For all ladies are relatively well-known TV faces that promise some entertainment value. Angelina could mutate to Camp Mimosa or can convince them with courage and entertainment assets? The topics of conversation around the campfire would promise to be exciting: Bachelor's secrets and American Idol insider knowledge. Rebecca could come from their fan base have tremendous opportunities to a leading position. With speculation about the ladies but you should probably hold back, because the station has been officially confirmed yet, of course, nothing. In the coming weeks, certainly some celebrities are mentioned in the same breath with the shipment.

tanja tischewitsch

rebecca simoneit

angelina heger