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The new hero of social networks: Alex from Target

Occasionally, users of social networks in the US and covers an inexplicable fascination make random human internet meme. In the summer we have already talked about the good cop Chris Corso. It looks like Chris will have to move over - he was replaced by Alex from Target.

Hard to tell what people are so impressed with the "Twitter", but the 2 November, a young employee of the hypermarket was a few hundred thousand more followers.

most likely reason for the popularity Man lies in an attractive appearance, combined with the position of the packer purchases at the supermarket.

Whatever it was, but the hundreds of "fotozhab" filled the accounts of users of social networks residing in the States. Among them there are also really funny.

Alex himself, of course, pleasantly surprised suddenly fell down on his popularity. Looks like it happens pretty funny. On 2 November, when it began to sign new users, and in incredible numbers, he tweeted:

I now famous?

The next day, November 3, he said:

already appeared Fake pretending me * LOL *

And a little later:

now have to change the number ...

But this is unlikely - as far as we know the life of internet memes is not too long, so that will probably soon Alex all left alone.