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The Tonight Show: Channing Tatum compete with Jimmy Fallon

He’s a fierce rival naturally, and Channing Tatum tested his own courage throughout his look on “The Tonight Show" stellar Jimmy Fallon last night (November 12).

The “Magic electro-acoustic transducer XXL” hunk was within the house to plug his new moving picture “Foxcatcher” although speak quickly turned to the popular and humorous  game Box of Lies.

Fallon explained, "Now, here's however it works. Upstage there square measure a bunch of boxes crammed with objects we've ne'er seen before. Once the article is out of the box, you tell your opponent what is within the box. you would possibly be lying, you would possibly be telling the reality. Your opponent has to guess that one, either lie or truth. You guess properly, you get a degree. You guess wrong, the opposite person gets a degree. person to 2 points, wins."

And after all, Tatum was fast with the double entendres, at the start asking Jimmy, “Do you recognize what’s in my box?!” Check the clip!