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Today she is more mature: Amanda Seyfried often chose the wrong guys!

Today Amanda Seyfried not only professionally arrived on a permanent high - and privately she seems to have hit the jackpot.

After all, she builds with her beloved Justin Long have a common home on and so far there is no indication that this heavenly feeling sky could be so quickly obscured by clouds. However, the thespian had by far not always been so lucky with their husbands choice!

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried

"I think we all seek us out of the wrong people, if we do not respect ourselves. And I've done that too. Not necessarily bad people, but the wrong for me", said Amanda soberly about their previous amorous experiences. At some point in life you had just superficial - and it was probably also. Even they already datete even guys who were pretty to look at, pure in character but did not fit her.

Meanwhile, however, this has changed completely, because the actress knows now what is really attractive in a partner: "A real man is not afraid to be himself. He respects his mother. And he can be honest to yourself and to others. That's a real man!"

You want to hear for themselves what Amanda had to divulge the trials and tribulations of her past? In the "News Flash" video you can find this out!

Amanda Seyfried