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Very brutal: Odessa Barbie, Valeria was attacked

dolls, Valeria was attacked

Valeria Lukyanova looks like a living Barbie - and often it has so perplexed and probably also shocked at how she denies her life. But like what opinion you always have the beauty obsession, which puts the young woman on the day, then maybe you should really show compassion: Prior to her home in Odessa she was allegedly beaten and choked!

How the Daily Mail now reported was the "Odessa Barbie" in fact, that she was now that she has a two-year hate campaign behind him, attacked and attacked. Currently, to her lips and her head be swollen, what initially germinated in the Internet rumors that she had undergone recent surgery beauty. But is his own words this was no so: "I was attacked outside my apartment building I came from a store with bags in hands home and was just the door code, when two men came out of the darkness and attacked me you did not say anything.. and did not try to rob me. " Everything had happened very fast, they had been beaten on the head and several times in the jaw, then one would have even started to choke her.

"Had it not been my neighbor, who suddenly appeared, then I do not know what would have happened. You have seen it and are running," said Valeria about the incident, said to have taken place on the evening of Halloween. Although she now feels a little better, but a lot of pain they are still torment from time to time.