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What? This blonde goes GZSZ Alexander foreign

This blonde goes GZSZ Alexander foreign, anna juliana jaenner

In GZSZ just there wild activities behind the camera. Because the minute was only known that Isabell Horn and  , it was not even with the new additions. A pretty blonde gets in and twisted it a certain person's head.

Anna Juliana Jaenner will be on display from 5 January GZSZ. She will play the role of Olivia Christians, a student who wants to collect in an internship at the trendy magazine "Metropolitan Trends" professional experiences. Ironically, with Alexander Cöster (Clemens Löhr, 46) she embarks on an affair. Here is the but actually with Maren Seefeld (Eva Mona Rodekirchen, 38) dating happy. Alexander, however, have often proved that he is not a blank slate when it comes to cheating. Among other things, he cheated on his former wife Iris with the nanny and thus destroyed his marriage. As the affair with Olivia now emanates, will therefore show from the beginning of next year.

anna juliana jaenner GZSZ

anna juliana jaenner GZSZ