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Why Mama June support their criminal ex?

Why Mama June Shannon support their criminal ex

He abused daughter Anna.

June Shannon loved a man who abused her daughter Anna when she was only eight years old. Although Mark McDaniel sat for this offense ten years behind bars, he came again in June life and she received him with open arms.

Hardly anyone can understand why June the tormentors of their child as a glance honors - even the station TLC, deposed the reality show of the family because of it. The TV-mother sees According friends but nothing wrong in dealing with Mark. A source told Radar Online:
June insists that Mark wanted to apologize just because of what happened with Anna He has done her suffering and she wanted to help him back on his feet.
 Also daughter Honey Boo Boo (9) is present at the meeting with Mark, mainly sister Anna grave concern.
June insists that he was never alone with her,
 the source said further.