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Wow! Kendall beguiling for Estée Lauder | She feels very honored

If there are probably a really undeniably beautiful lady in this family, then it will be Kendall: The Kardashian sister just started really as a model by, she is probably the hottest temptation since the girls of reality show venture on the catwalks and before the cameras. Now the 19-year-old has made a special deal clear: She is the new face of Estée Lauder - and in a "Behind the Scenes" video she talks now about how much she actually enjoys it.


"That's something that I did not expect that it would happen so fast, it's so crazy", she says in it. She felt incredibly honored of being part of something so big, where so many incredible names were involved. "I think when you see how many people take care of one, how many people want to see, what to do, which brings one to do his best", said Kendall extremely motivated and enthusiastic.

You want to see for yourself how incredibly happy Kendall makes her new engagement? Then you convinced yet simple here: