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XXL Luggage: Who travels for here so heavily laden?

XXL Luggage: Who travels for here so heavily laden?

If a lady like Nicole Scherzinger likes to travel, then please but with enough clothes on board.

Or how else can you understand the charge on luggage? The singer was snapped at the airport and that is now half their household had with it.

Proud five suitcases, traveling bag, a bag and a handbag can be found on the luggage cart, drawn for woman Scherzinger of a strong man.

Of course, the musician himself drags nothing, but simply looks good in her beige trench coat, the sophisticated black and white checkered long jumpsuit and a stylish hat. The beautiful artist currently comes from the travel easy out no longer. In the summer, she was still with her lover Lewis Hamilton in the romantic Turtelurlaub. The autumn they spent in Ibiza and this band of baggage comes along with Nicole straight out of the beautiful Brazil back to England.

A woman who is well dressed, just always have to have the right things.

Nicole Scherzinger, travel, luggage

Nicole Scherzinger, travel

Nicole Scherzinger