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Yikes! Miley Cyrus pig has become so great

Miley Cyrus pig has become so great

Just Skandalnudel Miley Cyrus has shown us her drumsticks, now it continues with four ordinary pig thighs. They are however actually flesh and blood and above all alive.

On her Instagram account, the bubbly singer shows once again with her pig Bubba sue and get cannot determine that the unusual pet has grown pretty. Bubba relaxed to sleep on his chest lie - Miley can now no longer. However, one remains the same: the "low acid" to the pedicure and gets the claws in bright red painted by a young man. Miley Meanwhile welcome laughs and seems to brush the bristles of her absurd pork.

She loved the animals Yes, but whether this colorful beauty treatment is really necessary - sweet or mess - remember, the opinions differ. It is clear what: Miley has put an impressive career.

Miley Cyrus pig has