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Baby Girl: Sophie Schütt has again become Mama

Baby Girl: Sophie Schütt has again become Mama

Until Christmas is finite, it takes some days, but actress Sophie Schütt has already received an early gift – and that should probably beat each pack, located under the tree. Sophie has become indeed the second time mother and brought to the world a little boy!

As the colourful reported, the Scion was born in Cape Town on Thursday and goes by the name lonzo Henry. The extraordinary name matches the birth, not classically occurred in the hospital. Sophie brought her baby at home by a water birth in the world, which was fortunately without complications. Also her partner Felix Seitz was at the great moment of course part of the game and supported his sweetheart.

Lonzo, who was born with four kilos of proud, is the second child for both after daughter Shaza Maria - because the only thing the wedding to the perfect family fortune is missing! And that should give it according to Sophie even in the next year, after the birth, it continues so turbulent for the family!

Sophie Schütt