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Cool! Nina Hoss plays in US series 'Homeland'

Cool! Nina Hoss plays in US series 'Homeland'

In Germany, Nina Hoss is already a star. She is considered one of the most talented actresses and excelled in various character roles. Now, the United States captured the German exceptional talent!

Nina Hoss has got a guest role in the US-success series homeland, which has numerous fans in Germany. In the eleventh episode of the fourth season "war not love" she slips into the role of embassy staffer and ex-lover of the CIA agent Peter Quinn, played by Rupert Friend. Director Clark Johnson himself wanted to for this role, Nina Hoss after he on the side of Philip Seymour Hoffman in "A most wanted man" had seen and obviously, Nina Hoss is so popular that Hollywood is not too bad, they are competing to.

The industry journal variety said the Director: "it was difficult to get them. She has given so much to the role. She's so nuanced and match played. This must be so, if you play with at 'Homeland'." And obviously, Nina Hoss has more than convinced. By the way, is not the only German playing with in the US series hit. The Berlin Numan Acar is a terrorist "Haqqani". It looks like German actors in Hollywood were currently quite high in the course. Something be patient but still need the German fans, because the fourth season still not running on local TV.

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