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Fans have criticized the performance of Mariah Carey

Fans have criticized the performance of Mariah Carey

Yesterday Mariah Carey performed at the ceremony to light the Christmas lights in Rockefeller Center, performing the famous song "All I Want fo Christmas Is You". The audience was left disappointed with the singing of the singer, noting the inability Carey hit the high notes.

According to those present at the ceremony, Mariah did not get in tune, and the voice of a soul diva was not sufficiently clear and ringing:

It is said that after the birth of a child can lose an octave, but Mariah today sounded just awful. 

- Said one of the users of Twitter. Agreed with his opinion and other fans of the singer:

It was Mariah Carey or dying seagull? 

Mariah Carey performance

In addition, the public outrage caused a three-hour delay diva. Mariah later published a post with an apology to your profile in Twitter, referring to unforeseen circumstances.

However, sources close to the singer say that Mariah arrived on time, but refused to get out of the car because of bad weather:

She sat three hours per car, because she was afraid of catching cold. 

Some foreign media reported that the late Carey could be caused by protracted negotiations with lawyers on the issue of divorce with Nick Cannon.

The singer Mariah Carey

Recall that in early October, the performance of Mariah in Tokyo have also been subjected to harsh criticism: the fans said that the star has lost his vocal abilities.

The singer Mariah Carey