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Ho-ho howling cramp! X-Mas nightmare for Jessica Alba

Ho-ho howling cramp! X-Mas nightmare for Jessica Alba

On Halloween, the pumpkin fields for the celebs are what, are the photo opportunities with Santa Claus at Christmas. Annual Kit and caboodle will be towed in shopping malls, to shoot the perfect snapshot for the holidays, but not always, it works with the inclusion of the picture book for the family album. Jessica Alba the excursion to Santa now became a real nightmare.

Because while daughter Honor Marie (6) from its chocolate side presented itself, her sister haven garner (3) of the Idyll made a dash through the Bill. She drew a bad mood mouth, and when it went in the direction of Santa Claus, little broke out in a flashy wine spasm. Not even on the lap of MOM Jessica left is calm, so that the entire shoot was the gauntlet. Also the end result has become accordingly scary beautiful: Jessica Alba, haven and honor looking annoyed at the camera during the Santa Claus not know and perplexed looks on the shedding girl.

Jessica Alba photo

Jessica Alba photo with Santa Claus

Jessica Alba and children photo with Santa Claus