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Mel B. was really beaten by her husband? | Bruises and scratches on her arm

Mel B. was really beaten by her husband? | Bruises and scratches on her arm

A few days ago, the singer and X factor judge Mel B. due to an alarming hospital stay made headlines. She came supposedly due to severe abdominal pain in the emergency room, where an ulcer was diagnosed. For the finale of "X Factor", was Mel B. but just in time from the hospital back and took their place in the jury as usual. But spectators want to have noticed that the usually cheerful and fun-loving juror was not quite yourself this evening.

As The Sun reported, fans and followers should have discussed Mel B. in the social networks on the health of Mel. Because the singer had on the shoulders and on the right elbow, scratches and bruises, and then immediately on domestic violence has been speculated. Even her own sister, Danielle Brown, had publicly suspected the husband, to have done something to this? Also Mel wasn't wearing her wedding ring b at the final of the talent show, which was usually her left ring finger.

Now seven years her husband Stephen Belafonte the singer is married and has a daughter with him. Stephen has now become the allegations, he had beaten his wife, expressed via Twitter personally and wrote: "normally I don't respond to Twitter messages, but I will respond to comments, I would have beaten my wife,. Because that is not true and disgusting!" And a short time later, he added another: "Mel was very sick and many doctors have helped her become healthy again. "If the fans can not relax before they make negative remarks, then they are not real fans of Mel B.."

Whether the accusations now agree or Stephen was really telling the truth, it is further unclear and is probably only a statement of the affected can enlighten.

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