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Murder Drama: Stephanie Moseley knew nothing

Murder Drama: Stephanie Moseley knew nothing

It was probably the shock news of the week: dancer Stephanie Moseley and her husband, rapper Earl Hayes, were found shot dead in an apartment in LA. The police quickly assumed that Earl had only killed Stephanie and himself. Neighbors had heard a woman screaming voice on Monday morning. Recently it was announced that the police had found tons of drugs in the apartment the couple. And now new details about the drama of jealousy loud.

Stephanie Moseley and earl hayes

Earl Hayes was always jealous in the past and Stephanie suspected of infidelity. According to an insider is the pair related to the two have already been separated two years ago after her husband Stephanie had been having an affair with musician Trey Songz. However, friends of the deceased so tragic to have seen no evidence of such a dramatic end. "They were recently reunited and worked to clarify everything," reported the investigating police commissioner Scott Masterson told the Associated Press. Stephanie's family in Canada had suspected nothing and to the police declared that it was "very well ran between the two, and that Stephanie was upbeat and optimistic about the developments of things." Until now, the investigators did not know yet, "what was the relationship degenerate into violence on Monday morning so," Mr Masterson.

Stephanie Moseley

Also seems not quite clear to what extent the boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. has experienced something of fact. "We know that there is a connection," Masterson said now. "If he can contribute something significant to the investigation, then we want to know that." But until now, there have not been any contact with the boxer. It is therefore probably still take a while until it can be brought more light into the darkness of the extended suicide.

Floyd Mayweather