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Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey 'remain a family'! | All peaceful and happy?

Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey remain a family! |  All peaceful and happy?

Riede, joy, pancakes in the House Cannon-Carey? Most recently was the speech by a war of the Roses between the separated husband and wife Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. But Nick wanted to know about anything in a recent interview. His version of things sounds, however, quite happy and apparently very quickly. At least over the upcoming holidays, the estranged partners seem to pull together, because their children are at the Centre.

Some time ago, it was announced that Nick and Mariah were planning to spend Christmas together with the twins. However, plans and implementation are ultimately always two different pairs of shoes. Apparently it works but very well. "We are always a family stay," Nick, who published just a children's Christmas book, made it clear at good morning America, "at the same time, we are there for our children, they are our number one priority and should understand that they are loved and have a wonderful Christmas time."

For the benefit of their kids famous parents make their problems behind and focus entirely on to celebrate a peaceful year degree. How it then 2015 goes between Nick and Mariah, will be seen well.

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Nick Cannon Celebrity Couples, Mariah Carey family,