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One size under Size Zero | Figure-fixed: Taylor Swift wants a 'Sub Zero'!

One size under Size Zero | Figure-fixed: Taylor Swift wants a "Sub Zero"!

That a woman like Taylor Swift is worried about her figure is almost hard to believe.

The beautiful singer is a long-legged beauty who has not an ounce of fat too much on the ribs. But that is not enough the blonde Taylor-date. She is currently in a real weight loss craze and wants to starve down with force upon the lowest dress size "Sub Zero".

Taylor has always eaten like a sparrow, but since she moved to New York, she suffers from a figure-fixing. She currently contributes a size zero, now wants but down to a Sub Zero
- a source told the Star magazines.

And the last pictures of the singer prove: At Taylor Swift really not much to it. In the strapless dress she wore to the show of the American lingerie Lables Victoria's Secret, it was clearly seen that many bones sticking out of her thin silhouette.

Taylor seems obsessed with its mirror image and is always eager to look as slim as possible. A trend that is really dangerous. Currently, she is even only eat salad and drink this coffee. In the long run certainly not a good idea and so is Taylor Swift only hope that she finds out quickly from this terrible vicious circle.

Taylor Swift wants a Sub Zero