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OP intoxication! Crazed fan wants to be Kardashian clone

OP intoxication!  Crazed fan wants to be Kardashian clone

Not only Kanye West is more than pleased with the curves of his wife Kim Kardashian. However, where the scandal rappers "just" a statue of his beloved, a Briton is driving it now on the top: the makeup artist Jordan James Parke would exactly look like his great Idol from keeping up with the Kardashians!

The 23-year-old has spent already converted to 130,000 euros in the past four years for plastic surgery and fashion, to get an exact copy of its counterpart: "I love everything about Kim. She is the greatest woman in the world. "Her skin, her hair: everything about her is perfect", an homage to the TV star holds Jordan James in the Sun. To become increasingly look like Kim, the fan regularly goes to the beauty surgeon, to make themselves squirt including Botox and enlarge the lips. The questionable result is however very proud of Jordan: "I get a lot of comments, like 'Oh, my God, what you did to yourself?' to 'Your lips look ridiculous.' But I won't let that up to me. Critical influence on me in any way."

So far Jordan James has still not met his idol. It is to be hoped that at least Kim knows how to appreciate the usage of their perhaps biggest trailer.

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