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Orlando Bloom will greet Christmas with Miranda Kerr

Orlando Bloom will greet Christmas with Miranda Kerr

The British actor Orlando Bloom was a guest in the Studio on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. In an interview with the leading Orlando talked about its similarity to a member of One Direction Harry 15 June 2009 and to celebrate Christmas with Miranda Kerr.

Barely had time to appear with Studio Bloom, Ellen immediately said the 37-year-old actor about its external resemblance to the 22-year-old performer Harry 15 June 2009. A significant role in Bloom hairstyle plays a similarity. However, such comparisons Bloom treated skeptically, saying that Harry on it looks like (by seniority). Orlando has admitted that his hairstyle he likes and as yet to change it its not going to.

With a conversation about hair Ellen switched to the theme of Christmas. DeGeneres asked, where and with whom Bloom will hold celebrations. The actor's response struck all in the Studio, including the lead. The star of "the Hobbit" said that Christmas will be in great company, his family and the family of the ex-wife of Miranda's Cre will unite and make a big happy holiday:
we are a family and we will always love each other. We will always be in each others lives. That in the future will read about Flynn to me much more important than all else. We protect each other, and our boy in particular.

Does this mean that Orlando and Miranda can come together again? Time will tell.

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