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Risk of relapse? Lindsay Lohan is back in Hollywood

Actually she never wanted to go back, but really let go Lindsay Lohan can't seem yet! The Skandalnudel namely again landed in Los Angeles!

Currently, lives the Lindsay by the fate of the Hollywood hit in London and seems to flourish there properly. She has an engagement at the theatre and their lives back under control. Los Angeles is the bitter past, the bright future lies in Europe, so the tenor of their interviews. But Lindsay is back in the United States! In a serious black suit and with one - due to the sound of her face - Orange bag, walked the actress so familiar airport.

Looks like the 28-year-old would want to but rather spend the Christmas holidays in their familiar environment. You can be so curious whether Lindsay resists the old temptations during this time and after the holidays really good in her new, regulated life will come back.

Lindsay Lohan is back

Lindsay Lohan is back